Hello everyone. I just wanted to say thank you for visiting this site. The beautiful women next to me is my wife Lisa. I didn't grow up in a religious home and the only time we ever prayed was on holidays. I knew a little something about Jesus growing up, but I had never known Him as my personal Savior until August of 2014. I came to know Christ by accepting Him as my Lord and Savior then and continuing to grow in my faith each day. I'm currently a Deputy with the Llano County Sheriff's Office as a K9 handler. I love what I do and love that I can do it with the conviction I have as a follower of Christ. I have a Bachelor's in Biblical Studies with a minor in Christian Leadership through Colorado Christian University and currently studying at Dallas Theological Seminary. If you have any question and would like to talk with me personally, fill free to send me an email at the address above. 

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